#KUWTK Kourtney's Choice Recap


It’s time for Episode 2 recap!!! I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode since we got a TON of Scott in dad mode and we had one of the funniest jokes Khloe has ever said - and she’s had some REALLY great one liners! <3

I love watching Scott take care of the kids, he has grown sooo much since the days of hitting and breaking mirrors #ThrowbacktoMiami and it was great also seeing more of Kim and Kanye and how they relate to one another. Back in the day, we always got to see Kim within her relationships but over the last few years - Kanye hasn’t really been active on the show so we haven’t seen how she is with him. However, we get to see her as a wife and it’s fun to see her a new role.

Plus, this episode we watch as Kim and Kanye deal with Kanye’s desire to move back to Chicago. I totally relate to their story seeing as my boyfriend and I also had to make a choice of whether or not to live in Chicago (we ultimately chose to do it).

But the TIP on today’s show is all about:

“How to turn bad reviews into something that makes you MONEY!”

The girls have done this plenty of times. They take bad press and turn it into something positive, funny, and money making and as a Girlboss - you have to learn how to do the same. No company, coach, business, service, etc. has a “flawless” reputation; so it’s vital you learn how to handle negative comments when other’s ask you about it.

So after listening to the episode, tell me any ideas you have on how you can turn your negative reviews into something positive.

Have a topic you’d like to me teach on? Share it with me below!