What Khloe Teaches Us About Success

As a Girlboss, have you ever wondered if your success is taking too long?

Have you considered quitting your business because it seems like you can’t make enough money or worse, your friends and family are telling you to give up and just go back to your 9-5 job?

Girl, I have been there. Which is why Khloe’s stories this morning on IG really touched my heart.

Recently, I had been doubting myself. I was feeling discouraged at my growth rate and I was asking myself those painful questions…

“Do I have what it takes to be successful?”

“If this is taking so long, does this mean I’ve make a mistake? Should I quit?”

Khloe shared this on her Instagram stories this morning...

Khloe shared this on her Instagram stories this morning...

Now, I’m super scared to say this out loud because most Girlbosses talk about the “success” we have. WE talk about how much money we’ve made “Ooohh another SIX FIGURE year! woo hoo!” or how many people we’ve helped “yay! I just reached 10k on Instagram and have 3000 people on my team!”

In network marketing, I often hear the success stories of women who have changed their financial lives drastically within 12 months or 2 years and it’s super easy to look at the success of someone else and pit it against my own and then I feel disappointed with myself….

Do you relate?

Then those questions come in… “Should I quit?…”

Or maybe, you’ve been working the business for a long time but no one is buying your stuff. Noone is supporting you financially and so you’re wondering if the lack of money coming in means you should give up.

Well, if reading this makes you say “yes! That’s how I feel!”

Then you NEED to listen today’s episode - it’s just for you. It comes from my own personal doubts and struggle and I want to speak power back into you. Don’t lose faith sister. Just take a moment to listen before you make any decisions about your business.

Hearing from you, is really important to me.

So tell me in the comments, what did you think about today’s episode? And what do you do when you’re struggling with self doubt?

Let me know what you think and what you want to see from me in future episodes! <3