Kris Jenner's Biz Tips


Kourtney finally revealed what is and it was well worth the wait!

I love the lifestyle website dedicated to all things clean and healthy living. It’s filled with organic recipes, non toxic home and beauty products, and various blog posts on creating a happy life.

But the first and most important blog post I saw, was the one where she did her very first interview on Poosh and it’s with her mother, the amazing Kris Jenner.

I’m one of Kris’ biggest fan. I admire her work ethic and unapologetic ambition. I wish that I could sit down in a room with her and ask her questions about starting your own business, so Kourtney asking - is the best gift an ambitious girl can ask for!

Take some notes because these tips can really help you create a business and career that you love!


“Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, know that anything is possible.”

This is Kris motto. She talked about how when she was younger, she would often accept defeat as the end all be all. However, over the years, you become wiser and you realize that someone telling you “no” doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you. “It’s a lot of work to get a yes…..” but it’s more than possible - so you keep hammering away at your dreams and getting what you want until you get what you want. Notice, she mentioned that it does take work to get the ‘yes’ you’re looking for. It won’t come without a fight. So don’t assume that if something is “easy” - it’s meant to be. Sometimes, what you want is gonna require sacrifice and hard work - be willing to do it if you really want it.

“Find something you LOVE to do and turn it into a career.”

Life is hard. It’s filled with disappointments and frustrations, but what makes it harder is when you do things that don’t ignite your spirit. The road to success is paved with challenges - but when you do what you love - you’ll keep showing up and go the extra mile. So make a concerted effort to find what you LOVE to do and then don’t make excuses because it’s hard to make it come true. Instead, FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Hire a coach to help you, read books, watch videos, join masterminds….the Universe is ALWAYS saying “yes” - so it’s up to you to make it happen.

Have a Morning Routine

Kris really harped on the importance of having an effective way to prepare for the day. She likes to wake up, have coffee, review her schedule for the day, check her email briefly, walk on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes, shower, glam, and then film or have her meetings.

Maybe you don’t have a glam team or gym in your home, but you can certainly create a routine that gets you up each morning. Maybe meditate for 5 minutes, stretch or do yoga, or simply drink coffee or tea to wake up. Just create a routine that will help you to stay emotionally healthy and prepared to manage the stresses of your upcoming day.

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I would love to hear any Girlboss tips from you! What’s helped you most in staying organized or effective in your biz? Let me know in the comments!