Chicago Loyalty #KUWTK Recap

I’m SO excited to announce that I have RETURNED to podcasting!!!

I have launched my show, “The Lexie Wilson Podcast Show”, I know - I need a better name but I’m not that creative! lol hahaha And this works!

The show is about all things Kardashian and Girlbossing! I love the girls and what they teach others about being your OWN boss and listening to your OWN voice.

The ladies have taught me a lot about handling haters, following my heart, doing what makes me happy, and learning how to get the attention of others and since I love marketing (and work within the industry), I often love to learn marketing strageties from them.

So now this podcast is to help you learn how to become your own Girlboss. The girls teach us so much and there’s a LOT to learn to take a listen and let me know what you think!

Screenshot the show and tag me on Instagram and I’ll shout you out in my stories!!!

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