My Favorite Products For My Hair type

I get this question a LOT!

I love my organic hair care products, so people often ask me which ones are my favorites.

So I thought I would share with you my special Monat regime but before I get into this I want to let you know a few things.

  1. Every one’s hair is DIFFERENT. Just because someone is Black, does NOT mean that we will have the same exact results. There are various factors that you have to consider. You have to consider the woman’s hair type, if her hair is relaxed or natural, if her hair has a lot split ends or is intensely dry, age of the man or woman, etc. This list is here to help women who have similar hair types to me but it does NOT guarantee that these are the automatic best products to help them reach their hair goals. The great thing about Monat is that everyone’s hair journey is unique and Monat knows that, so utilize the hair quiz to really know which products are best.

  2. Black hair tends to be dry, due to our curl pattern. For Black people, dry isn’t bad. Dry is simply our hair type. However, DEHYRDATED and DAMAGED is a different thing. Dry hair doesn’t have to be damaged, it’s just our hair type. So know that. If you’re Black and your hair is dry, do not assume your hair is damaged. Dry hair is simply that hair that feels soft but not as silky. Damaged hair is brittle, breaks easily, feels rough to the touch, and has split ends. This is important to know so you choose products that focus on hydration. Black hair needs as much cream and oil as it can get, so if you’re unsure where to start, definitely start with products that are intentionally made to hydrate the hair cuticle.

So now, let’s talk about my favorite products and my hair routine.


Daily Products:

  • Aloe Vera. I spray my scalp daily to keep my scalp moisturized. ( I get this from Whole Foods and I use the liquid kind and put it in in a spray bottle)

  • Rejuvenique Oil for my scalp eczema. I apply this to my scalp (after spraying with aloe vera) to help relieve the itching that happens due to my psoriasis.

  • S3 Supplements. I take this twice with breakfast, this helps to promote hair growth from within and it’s also been great for making my nails strong and helping with my dry eyes. I had LASIK a year ago and I have struggled with dry eyes ever since. Whenever I don’t take my S3 supplements, my eyes become visibly dry so I know these supplements help maintain moisture in my eyes while helping my hair grow.


Wash Day:

  • Rejuvenique Oil applied to my scalp the night before or 30 minutes before I take a shower. This helps to lift the flakes and moisturize my hair before I wash

  • Junior Detangler. I apply this to my hair while I brush out my curls. This decreases my detangling time after the shower

  • Renew Shampoo. I LOVE this for my scalp because it clears away any eczema but does not dehyrdate my scalp. I apply this mainly to my scalp and then I let it sit on my head for 1-2 minutes. If my hair suds up, I do not wash again but often, I have to wash twice to get suds. I then rinse the product out and repeat. Unless I have my Micellar Shampoo…

  • Micellar Shampoo. I use this as my second wash, it’s at this point that my hair will create suds - letting me know that any product buildup is gone and my hair is clean.

  • Super Moisture Masque, Replenish Masque or the Hair Transformation Masque. Once I finish shampooing my hair, I apply the Super Moisture Masque to my hair strands avoiding my scalp. Hair masques are meant for the HAIR, so do not apply to your scalp. I leave this on for up to 5 minutes while I’m in the shower. Sometimes, if I want a real deep condition, then I may get out of the shower and wrap my hair in a shower cap with the masque still in. Then I’ll sit under a hooded dryer for adding more moisture to my hair. However, I don’t always do this, most times I will just leave it in my hair while I shower and then rinse it out. I don’t use both masques at the same time. One week, I’ll apply moisture and another week, I’ll use the Replenish Masque which is great for adding PROTEIN to my hair. Protein is necessary for stopping breakage since it makes the hair strong. I also will use the Hair Transformation Masque, once a month since my hair was chemically damaged due to relaxers (if you color treat, relax, or perm your hair - you NEED this masque)

  • Advanced Hydration Conditioner/Smoothing Conditioner/Beautiful Brunette Conditioner. I don’t use these all at once, I vary which ones I’ll apply depending on if I want more moisture or to stop frizz. I just love the smell of all of them and they each make my hair feel soft.

I finish with a cold rinse (whenever I feel brave enough to deal with the cold. lol) This is important because after using hot or warm water on your hair, the hair cuticle is “open” which allows it to receive moisture. But you want to “close/seal” the hair cuticle so it doesn’t release the moisture and it’ll retain the hydration you’ve put in. This will help your hair to stay strong and not break.

After the shower, I vary with which products I’ll use based on what my hair needs and on how much time I have. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Rejuvabeads to stop my split ends, this is vital for Black hair since our hair is prone to split ends, single strand knots, and breakage.

  • Double Action Hydrating Serum. I LOVE this stuff! It adds more moisture to my hair strands. I apply about half a bottle to the length of my hair and it makes smell good, feel soft to the touch, and keeps it moisturized. Which is VERY important for Black hair!

  • CC Cream. I apply this when I feel my hair needs an extra boost of moisture

  • Blow Out Cream if I am going to straigthen my hair with a blow dryer and flat iron.

  • Thermal Protectant Styling Shield. I prefer this over the Blow Out Cream if I’m going to use HIGH HEAT temperatures on my hair, which often when Black people straighten their hair - in order to achieve a bone straight look, we must use temperatures over 375 to get that look. This is INCREDIBLY damaging our hair, but if you’re going to do it - use this styling shield instead of the Blow Out Cream, because this cream protects hair from heat up to 475 degrees! So this is a MUST!

  • Dry Shampoo for the days I work out at the gym but then don’t want to wash my hair. Black women typically avoid dry shampoo since our scalp tends to be more on the dry side, however, this stuff is GREAT for removing oil when you don’t have time to shower and Black women can use this stuff. So save yourself some time and get it. Just make sure you don’t spray it too close to your scalp or else you’ll make some white residue. It will fade away, but just spray it as the directions suggest.

  • Pre Wash Conditioner from the Restructuring Line - I do love the entire Restructuring Line and if you’re constantly breaking your hair down with relaxers and coloring - you need this line. However, I really love to use this conditioner to add strength to my hair when I notice that it’s breaking too often. I’m also addicted to the smell.

  • Sculpting Taffy. I love this stuff for smoothing down my edges, it may look like it’s not strong enough for Black hair but do NOT be fooled. I have 4c type hair (the kinkest hair pattern) and I’ve put this on my edges and SLEPT on it and STILL woke up with flawless edges. So get this stuff if you like to use edge gel. PLUS this stuff doesn’t flake or leave white marks or cause itching. (Remember, I have eczema so I have to be careful about using products that cause itching and most edge control gels I use in the store - do that. This is the only edge control taffy I know that does NOT irritate my scalp.)

What Systems Do I Suggest You Start With?

  • The Advanced Hydration System

  • The Hydration System or

  • Renew Shampoo and Advanced Hydration Conditioner or Smoothing Deep Conditioner or

  • Rejuvenique Oil

You can then purchase all the other products as you need them over time. (Just add it to your flexship and be sure to change it before your next order!)

**Special Note: **

  1. If your hair has been chemically treated with relaxers or coloring, consider the Restructure Line.

  2. If your hair is fine and thinning - the Volume line is great.

  3. If your scalp is dry, flaky, and irritated - I recommend Renew since it’s so moisturizing and the Rejvuenique Oil since it’ll help with dry skin and scalp

  4. If you’re experiencing intense and visibly noticeable bald spots, use our Intense Repair Line

And that’s my entire regime! I hope this helps you decide which products to get for your hair care needs! I know this is a long list - but I LOVE Monat and I’ve tried all the products. I know how much it helps my hair to grow and keeps it health and moisturized so I know a thing or two about which products do what.

I suggest you try out as many as you can to get the look you want and to help you have healthy hair!

Let me know if you have any questions!

If you’ve used Monat, what are your favorite products? Share it with me down below!

Want a more personalized touch? Take my quiz and I’ll help you create your own unique hair cocktail!