Feeling Discouraged by Haters?


What You Want… Wants You…

So don’t be swayed by non- believers…

#TBT to this past Sunday lol

☀️ Dancing at the pool on a family vacation! ☀️

This morning, I woke up to a message from one the girls I coach on my team. She had experienced a negative message from someone that kinda got to her.

Since "encourager" is my middle name - I knew EXACTLY what to say.

🔊 Here's the thing - a LOT of people around us DONT HAVE VISION.

🌸They've bought into the negativity of life. The idea that they'll never find a love that'll make their toes curl, that they'll never feel TRULY happy, that they can't make more money, that good things never last.

🌸Most people don't believe in miracles or working harder if it means they'll be uncomfortable.

🌸Most people like the misery they keep because it means they can blame everyone else instead of overcoming things and going after what they want.

🌸Most people have given up.

🌸And honestly, a lot of people, live on social media only spectating those who are actually out there living.

So when those spectators tell YOU to give up on your positive attitude or they tell you that what you want isn't realistic...

Or they simply try to invalidate you and trigger your insecurity -

✨FOCUS BACK on your optimism.✨

Remember that the dreams you have - aren't unattainable. YOU can make it happen.

You don't HAVE to give up on what you want - whether that be a loving partner or owning your own business.

You're not a "loser" for being a dreamer - the comforts of this world were all created by DREAMERS - not the people who gave up.

The people who gave up - we don't know them. They are nameless and forgotten.

So don't be swayed to not believe in yourself because of a non believer. Forget those guys, surround yourself with people - like me. lol 😂
The silly ones who know that life is meant to be EXPLORED and that dreams are meant to be GOALS.

✨Don't give up on whatever it is you want.✨

Love can be found at all ages
Careers can be discovered at any time

What you want - wants you.
Don't let anyone tell you different.