My Detailed Seborrhic Dermatitis & Eczema Routine

I get this question a lot, "What are your favorite products?" "How did you stop your eczema?"

Well here's what I use to keep my scalp clear and clean!

The List:

Rejuvenique Oil: Apply this as an oil treatment overnight - the night before your shampoo or 30 minutes before your wash

Renew Shampoo: Shampoo twice

Micellar Shampoo: Use this as your second shampoo if you have it

Advanced Hydration Conditioner: Leave on for 2-3 minutes

Beautiful Brunette Conditioner: Can use this as an alternate for more hydration

Do you have favorite products from the Monat hair care line? If so, what would you suggest? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’d like to create your own hair cocktail - just message me! And let’s chat!