If You Don't Take the Risk....You'll Never Get What You Want....

I went on vacation this past weekend and had a BLAST with my family. But I realized that just one year ago, I wouldn't have been here if I hadn't left my job and started my own business. So I wanted to share some encouragement with you!

I remember working in my cubicle, two years ago. I was working on a project and I wasn’t passionate about it. I had worked really hard on it but overtime, even though I had put over 100 hours on that project, I found myself feeling completely uninspired by own work. I wanted more but I didn’t quite know what that “more” was.

Overtime, I realized that the “more” was

More control over my schedule

More creative control over the work I did

More time with people that inspire me and make me feel excited to be alive.

And more financial resources and money to cover my student loans and the lifestyle I wanted.

So I started working on my plan to escape. I started saving money, looking for temp jobs, and exploring ways to become my own boss.

Eventually, that led me to Network Marketing, a chance to start my own business from home. I had a built in coach and a team of people to help me learn social media so I could learn how to find customers and business partners AND a chance to earn a living right from the comfort of my own phone.

I was skeptical at first, but my boyfriend told me to go for it. He encouraged me to take my dream of becoming an entrepreneur seriously - so I went for it.

And as a result - on a Monday - I was working at a pool, while on vacation with my family. This is the kind of life people dream of! But by taking a risk - I’m not dreaming.

I’m living it.

If you want this for yourself too, just message me. I’m totally down to help you have this too. <3 I can show you how to start your own work from home so you can make your own entrepreneur dreams come true. It’s real, it’s possible, and I can show you how. <3