How to Handle When No One "Likes" Your Content


✨One of the best things you can do for yourself... is to release expectations.✨⠀

I've been there. I post something online that I've spent a LOT of time editing, caption, and working on. ⠀

I get all excited! Positive that this is going to lead to at least one "like" or one sale. 💵 ⠀

And then nothing happens. ⠀

Crickets. ⠀

💔My heart sinks every time i check to see if anyone's commented, DM'd, or "liked" it and nothing. ⠀

And it hurts. Because you know how hard you've worked and yet the outcome you want - isn't happening. ⠀

I've even been tempted to quit because of that.⠀

But these experiences have actually taught me something MAJOR. This is something I've needed to apply to the rest of my life - but working through social media has REALLY forced me to learn.⠀


Back when you first got on social media - you probably posted because it was simply a way to express yourself, share your life, and connect with your friends. 📱 ⠀

It wasn't about being "noticed" or getting "paid" 💰.⠀

It was simply a fun way to share your life with others. ⠀

Making money online is a LOT like that. ⠀

You have to share what makes you feel happy - and then you keep sharing and keep sharing. You talk to people on your page AND on their page.⠀

You make friends and build connections. ⠀

❌But you don't look at every conversation or every post as the "money maker" or the "validation" you need. ⠀

Instead, you share who you are because it brings YOU joy.⠀

✨And by doing that - the right people WILL reach out to you. ✨⠀

You'll get the likes, the comments, and yes - even the sales. ⠀

🚫But don't put all that pressure on ONE post or ONE story. ⠀

Know that your success, your wins, your rewards, and the life you crave - IS COMING to you. So have FUN in the mean time. ⠀

Share your life - without expectation.⠀

✨And I'm sure you'll feel happier for it. ✨⠀

You got this chica! 💋