5 Ways to Change Your Mindset

Writing down my personal and business affirmations

Writing down my personal and business affirmations

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a LOT of mindset work.

You have to believe in yourself when people don't see your talents

You have to see your dreams as if they have happened when others people don't have vision

You have to stick with your dreams when everyone else tells you to quit

You have to go against the grain when everyone else encourages you to be "safe" and make "smart" career decision.

And you have to go the EXTRA mile even when you have NO motivation to pursue your dreams.

The mindset piece is what many entrepreneurs don't prepare for. They think about the logistics, payments, scheduling, marketing, products - and yet mindset is what determines your longevity and success.

So how can you create a healthy mindset?


Being a successful entrepreneur REQUIRES you to always focus on becoming better so you can handle complex issues. Listen, you're GOING to face issues - you won't know how to handle them all - so constantly work on your mindset and EXPAND your coping skills toolbox by reading/watching/ and listening to information MEANT to make you smarter and more capable.

Although this book isn’t business related - it’s one of the most motivated books on building mental strength

Although this book isn’t business related - it’s one of the most motivated books on building mental strength


Find one or create one. You want to be around like minded people because they will keep you inspired when you feel completely drained. This is CRUCIAL for success.

3️⃣ COACH.

Get one. If you're in a network marketing biz, you already have one - use her. If you don’t have a direct upline, look to your side line sisters or other uplines. Let your coach help you to learn HOW to think positively, how to handle failure, how to create success, etc.


Don't be ashamed to have one. Now counselors are different than coaches because they often focus on your past and how that contributes to your present behavior. So don't be afraid to heal your shit. It's in your best interest


By this I mean, notice your thoughts. Do you push yourself when you need to rest? Are you negative and insulting towards yourself when you fail? Notice those things and use them as directives on what you need to heal moving forward

This is why I focus a lot on mindset on my account, because this is a piece that many entrepreneurs neglect and need reminding of. So stay in touch with me by TURNING ON the notifications and I'll be your InstaCoach READY to keep you motivated and learning!

Do you have a mindset routine that you follow?

What books, videos, or hobbies do you use to keep your mind in a positive place?