🌸Chicago Spring is Here!🌸

J and I moved to Chicago this winter after living in the suburbs and because of the weather, we haven’t been able to truly enjoy all that the city has to offer. 

So this weekend, was the FIRST TIME in a long time that we've been able to get outside and walk around. So we went to this popular place called Brunch. It's one of my FAVORITE places to visit! 

Once we were done, we had to run some errands so we drove around to do that but then we found an empty parking lot and captured some shots for the gram! Lol 😂  

We seriously had the BEST time! We were silly and just basked in the sunshine and I appreciated it since this winter felt so long! 

Afterwards, we went into the city again and saw the Green River and then we went home to nap before a night out. 

However, because I'm an "old lady" - I ended up not going out. Lol J did and he had a great time but I stayed home and read and watched Parks & Rec. 

And, of course I worked. 😂 I can't stop working even if I try to! Haha There's always something more to do and I love my business - so it's easier to get sucked in.  

However, after a long winter, this weekend was the best. It was great to feel the sun, laugh, and feel like myself again. 

Goodbye seasonal depression 👋🏾  

Hello Spring 💐 🌸