Confidence in a Bottle…

⚡️This moment below - exists ONLY cause I found a solution.


I need you to understand how i got here.

I was 11 when my scalp randomly started scaling, bleeding, and getting white.

It was painful - but what was the MOST painful was the embarrassment and BULLYING that happened because of kids making fun of my scalp.

"You look dirty!"

"Why don't you wash your scalp?!"

"You're ugly!"

Those words tore my confidence down.

So I found my "beauty" in maintaining long hair.

(1) To cover my scalp and (2) so at least people couldn't say I didn't have long pretty hair.

And I still got bullied.

So my CONFIDENCE took a hit and I suffered with feeling embarrassed by my scalp and felt UGLY until my 30's because I had NO SOLUTION to this problem.

✨It didn't matter how many times I washed my scalp

✨It didn't matter if I used medicated shampoo

My eczema would NOT go away.

BUT THEN.... life changed when i was 31 and my completely skeptic heart decided to try a sample of my friends shampoo and oil. She SWORE this would change my life - i SWORE she was crazy. Lol

She had no IDEA how I had been suffering with this for over 20 years and that NOTHING had worked.

I had gotten used to beauty items disappointing me.

✨Until that day.

✨Within the first wash - my flakes were gone.

✨The white was gone.

✨My scalp wasn't red or inflamed after washing...

✨I could see brown skin instead of white.

I literally stood in the mirror and cried - I hadn't seen my actual scalp in years.

✨That made me feel beautiful. For the first time since I was a child.

That moment - led me to years of repairing my confidence. Having something that could manage and eliminate my eczema - helped me to learn how to say; "yes" to events when i was used to saying "no" - cause I felt ugly.

It helped me to fall in love with wearing make up so I could show off my face since i didn't have to "hide" anymore.

It helped me to embrace myself as I am....

Which led me to the picture on the right.

Fully me.

In love with who I'm becoming, in love with my skin instead of hating it.

THIS is more than shampoo to me - it's confidence in a bottle.