3 Girlboss Tips for Organizing Your Biz


Working from home is awesome, but it’s not without it’s own struggles.

Far too many people assume that it’s so much easier than working in the office and you know what? They’re right. lol haha

No, but you do have to create some routines in order to ensure that you’re productive since it’s super easy to wind up watching TV all day or even just doing errands for the house rather than working your business.

So I thought I’d share how I accomplish things working from home. I’m hoping this will help all my fellow Girlbossess out there who need some help:


    You can be flexible with this, but you need a rough idea of how your day is going to run. For me, I try to categorize things by day. I also pay attention to my energy and try to schedule things based on my energy - this is an advantage I wouldn’t have if I had to work for a typical 9-5. So what this could look like is: Mondays are the days I work the most on creating new content. Video ideas, doing photo shoots of myself and or my products, blog brainstorming, any video editing that needs to be done. Fridays are my most relaxed day and my least motivated day to I stick to doing less on those days. Such as following up with my VIP’s or any leads, writing my blogs for the next week out.


    I don’t always stick to this BUT it’s important that I at least know when I’m “supposed” to be working and “supposed” to stop. When I first started working, I didn’t have a schedule and so I was working ALL the time. (I’m a Capricorn and we sorta love to work. lol). Which meant my relationships suffered. So I advise you to create your “hours”. That’s when you’re most available to your team, customers, and getting your work done.


    This could be Google Drive, a Facebook Group for you and your team, Dropbox, or even an external drive. This has all of your materials readily available for your business.

What tips do you have? How do you stay organized? Do you recommend any apps or resources? Share in the comments!