Why I'm Different...

A large part of Manifesting and Attracting, is releasing. Think of it like this. Imagine your hands are holding two large basketballs, then imagine someone throws another ball your way-what would you do? You'd probably drop one of the balls, to catch the one coming your way, right? Well, life is very similar. In order to receive, we have to release and let go of the energies that we pick up along the way. 

For many of us, the stresses of day to day living can clog our minds. This makes it harder for us to feel inspired, creative, and happier people. If we feel stressed to the max, it's difficult to believe that good things are coming or that our luck will turn around. Which is why we must have a practice in place that encourages us to let go of the anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts that come along with those feelings. 

Reiki is one of the best solutions, but my particular approach to Reiki is a unique solution because I incorporate a holistic approach to releasing negative energy.

How long are the sessions?

In my sessions, we meet for 90 minutes to work on releasing any negative energies that are blocking you from feeling confident, sexy, capable, happy, or inspired.

Who's this for?

  • Women who feel less optimistic and positive
  • Your manifesting practices aren't working
  • You feel like you're attracting a sea of 'bad luck'
  • And you're wanting to create a plan of action to help you move from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, tired, and disappointed to grateful, happy, excited about your life, and easily manifest things into your life - then I'm the coach for you!

What makes working with you special?

Due to my counseling background, I rely on talk therapy to help us craft a plan that will help you start living the type of life you want. However, I mainly rely on Reiki to help move some of those blocks that are standing in the way of your goal, say for example, anxiety. Anxiety can often make us so fearful that we don't chase our dreams. Or let's say you've lost faith in the Law of Attraction, that thinking can make it harder for us to manifest the job/love/body/money/mindset/business we want. This is why I love to use Reiki to help women move those negative thoughts and negative energy out of the way, so you can feel confident in your mindset and emotional health practices again. 

How do I work with you?

Well due to demand, I have an application process that you complete when you schedule your session below. Upon reviewing your intake, I'll email you with confirmation of your appointment and I'll include more instructions on how to prepare for your session. 

After our first session, you may decide to work with me further. Often, clients realize they want more than one session and they want me to help them craft a plan that will allow them to effectively change how they handle their anxiety and overwhelm better. This is where my packages serve best. Whenever someone tells me they are looking for someone to help them consistently, my packages are the best way to receive weekly accountability and save money. 


Standard Session

During your 90 minute session, we will start with a brief discussion of your goals for meeting with me and the areas you want me to focus more on. I will then guide you into a meditative state while I place my hands on your body to promote stress relief, energetic release, and energy healing. This is often how people begin working with me before they sign up for a package.

Included in Your Session:

  • Healing Touch
  • Sound Bowl & Crystal Healing
  • Talk Therapy,
  • Your Personalized Journal to promote healing long after your session.

Investment: $99

In home Reiki available to clients located in Hinsdale, Oakbrook, Westmont, Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, & Oakbrook Terrace, IL.
Contact me if you're located outside of these areas and would like services.



So, you've fallen in love with my energy and you realize, you need a bit more than just one session. I get it. lol I have a very holistic approach to my energy work, so let's talk about how we can work together more often to help you get the support you need to reach your healing goals.


The Amethyst Package

If you love my Reiki sessions and you want an hour completely dedicated to energy healing, you can choose this option.

Included in your package is:

  • 4 one hour Reiki sessions
  • Sound Healing Meditations
  • Crystal Healing
  • Journal Work to promote mental and emotional clarity after each session
  • Ask me how I can also offer you your own Crystal Cocktail, which is a unique combination of crystals that help support your manifestation practice

Investment: $349 (a savings of $50!)

The Turquoise Package

Are you looking for more of an action plan to tackle your emotional, mental, and spiritual issues? Do you want to create a plan that helps you grow in your anxiety, stress, and anger management skills? Then this is the option for you. (Great option for my online clients!)

Included in your package is:

  • 4 one hour talk therapy sessions (card readings included if interested)
  • Weekly Journal work to promote mental and emotional clarity after each session
  • Sound Healing Meditations

Investment: $349 (a savings of $50!)



The February Package

Do you want combine your Reiki sessions with your Talk therapy? Are you looking for more consistent support to help you completely transform how you manage your stress, spirituality, and emotional issues? 

Are you looking for accountability? A person to help teach you how to cope with difficult moments?
Are you looking for someone to support you into developing a whole new way of living and someone to teach you how to change your energy so you can start to REALLY live and practice the Law of Attraction? Do you want someone to break down the process of attracting the things you want into your life and make LOA personalized enough to help you overcome whatever challenges life throws your way? (Available to my online friends as well!)

Then this is for you. <3

Included in your package is:

  • 4 one hour Reiki Sessions
  • 4 one hour Talk Therapy Sessions
  • Your own Crystal Cocktail Combination (this is a collection of crystals I will give you) to help support your manifesting work & energy healing
  • Weekly Journal work to encourage transformation from week to week
  • Your Personalized Treatment Plan to promote your healing & transformation
  • Access to me via Voxer throughout the week

Investment: $1800
*2 month commitment required*
*Weekly & Biweekly Payment Plans Available*
*Only 3 spots available*


What My Former Clients Are Saying...



Schedule your first session, and then we can talk more about packages and working together long term. <3

You can book your 90 min Standard Session below!

Office Located @:
1695 N. Farnsworth Ave. Aurora, IL. 60505

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