In Home Coaching & Reiki

Emotions color our life. They enhance our experiences as humans and can bring us passion, joy, and pleasure.

In school, we often learn how to master the physical skills on how to create a life that makes us happy but no one teaches us how to cope with life when it becomes overwhelming, challenging, and disappointing. 

This is where I come in.

Growing up, I struggled with depression, anxiety, rage, and feeling lost. I didn't know how to ask for help or how to describe my emotions and I lacked the resources to cope with some of the challenges I was facing such as abuse, loneliness, and fear. So I developed really poor coping skills to attempt to manage the intense feelings I experienced.... self harm, rage fits, and depression. It was hard, through coaching, counseling, and spiritual growth,  I eventually learned that there are healthier ways to cope with life. 

After obtaining my own Masters in Therapy and working as a Family Specialist and Case Manager, I decided that I wanted to open my own business and provide in home coaching and energy work to clients to help people who are struggling with their emotions - just like I used to. 

I have worked with teenagers, single parents, married couples, elementary students, children who are dealing with bullies, new moms, men and women struggling with substance abuse, and I am open to working with as many people as I can. 


  • Weekly In Home or Online Sessions
  • Homework to Help You Apply The New Skills You're Developing
  • Calming Music, Sage, Meditations, and Crystals to Use for Healing
  • And as of April 2018, in home Reiki sessions

If you've been looking for a coach to help support you and teach you how to enhance your coping skills (or you know of someone in your life who would benefit from these services), email me to schedule your session!

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In home services are only provided to clients within the Chicagoland area. SUBJECT TO APPROVAL.