For many people, network marketing seems like a really odd thing to explore.

However, in 2018, it is the latest way that Influencers are jumping into the business of social media marketing and making  money from their phones.

For me, the ability to make money by using my cell phone and  my social media accounts, was a no brainer. (Cue the Justin Bieber song. lol)

So now the question is, is it for you?


1. If you're looking to become your own boss WITH training....

then network marketing is for you! Network Marketing allows you to get training from another entrepreneur who understands how to work the business & how to make money. For many entrepreneurs, training isn't provided because there is no other boss. lol That's the perks of becoming your own boss. But it often means that you'll make a lot of financial mistakes that will cost you and your business AND waste your time. Or you'll have to pay thousands to hire a coach who will understand you. So instead, why not join a network marketing team with a GREAT coach who can provide you with support while also encouraging you to be YOUR OWN boss!

2. If you're looking for social media training... then network marketing is for you!

Social media is a beast and when used properly, it can be the BEST thing for your wallet. <3 Working from home CAN BE a reality when you know how to properly monetize your blog, IG, Facebook, snapchat, etc. So get you someone who understands how each of these platforms work and then can teach you how they're making money off it too.


3. If you're looking for a business coach.... then network marketing is for you.

A lot of people are frustrated with the lack of money they are bringing in from their blogs and/or businesses. It's hard to learn it all. Have someone guide you through the process and encourage you whenever you doubt your career choice. You can be a successful blogger or social media influencer, you simply need the right support. Network marketing provides the room for that BUT you must be careful of which team you join. The reality is, not all teams provide the same level of training. If the leader doesn't know how to help you with social media training, you won't get that support. So be mindful of your leader's gifts and talents AND their resources. Do they have the training or can they link you to the person (within their team) that has that training? Those are the things you must consider.

4. If you're looking for TIME and FINANCIAL freedom....then network marketing is for you.

Money is easy to make - honestly, it is. However, most of us are used to the 9-5 business model...where someone ELSE determines how much money we're allowed to have. In network marketing - YOU DETERMINE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU'RE ALLOWED TO HAVE. If you want more money, YOU JUST MAKE A PLAN TO MAKE MORE MONEY. And honestly, that is a BLESSING. The ability to decide your OWN paycheck, feels AMAZING. It means every day is an opportunity for more.

Social media marketing aka Network Marketing is the future. It's the fastest way to begin your own business with the support and encouragement you need to stay in the game. <3

Have you considered Network Marketing? What holds you back from exploring it? Let me know below!

My Permed Hair Routine: My Secret to Long Hair

January 2018, I RELAXED MY HAIR!



I grew up with natural hair, which means that I did not permanently straighten my hair. My mother mainly kept my hair in protective styles such as braids or buns and because of that routine, my hair was really long.

When I was 17 years old, I left home for college and within about a week of leaving-I got my first perm. lol I had waited my whole to finally have "straight" hair and finally I was able to.

And it was glorious!

Until my hair started thinning....and then started to fall out in certain areas of my hair. Then when my seborrheic dermatitis started, my scalp would often bleed or peel from the toxins.

I blamed the perms and decided I would stop perming my hair in 2010.

And now, I can't believe that after 8 years-I just permed my hair.

So you see why I'm in a little bit of shock here.

The thing is, I had done a LOT of bad things to my hair and scalp when I first permed my hair because I didn't know better. And sadly, many of my hairstylists-did not inform me on properly caring for permed hair. So I did all the "no-no's".

All the No-No's!

A. I permed my hair every month.

This is a HUGE no! Most perm boxes will even tell you NOT to perm your hair within 8 weeks of your previous straightening! However, none of my stylists told me differently.

B. I applied heat daily-sometimes twice a day.

I would flat iron in the morning and then again at night. I have no idea how I didn't become bald! It's recommended that you avoid heat if your hair is permanently straightened but that if you're GOING to use heat....only flat iron your hair 2-3 a times (or about once a week). Or use in direct heat (such as sitting under a bonnet dryer).

C. I didn't use quality products.

Perms can be incredibly damaging to the hair cuticle so relying on conditioners and shampoos that are damaging can cause a LOT of problems. So it's important to use products with no parabens, sulfates, or toxic chemicals. Seeing as they only increase your chances of breaking off your hair.

So, why did I decide to return to straightening my hair?

Well because, I really wanted to have straight hair again! <3

My hair type is 4c, which means that I have the kinkiest curl pattern that causes itself to shrink up when wet. If you see my right out of the shower, I look like I have incredibly short (but thick) hair. However my hair is down my back-but due to my hair shrinking when wet-you can't tell. I wanted the length back and so I've decided to return to straightening. WITH a twist.

My New Permanent Straightening Routine

1. Stretching Out My Perms.

No more monthly perms for me. I am going to try to go about FOUR months between straightening sets. If I can go longer, I will. I've been doing my research and most of the bloggers I've followed who have permed, healthy hair go about 4-6 months between relaxers

2. Applying Heat No More Than Once a Week.

I plan to only flat iron my hair only on wash day....if I even want to use it at all.

3. Using Quality Products.

No more trashy products. I'm sticking to my favorites for my scalp (my seborrheic dermatitis) and strands.

4. Regular Deep Conditioning.

Since it's winter-this means once a week. I'll be using my favorite deep conditioner each week since it smells SO good AND it adds a LOT of shine to my hair

5. Taking my Supplements.

Another secret to long and healthy hair is nutrition. I am trying to maintain a balanced diet- but sometimes I don't do so well at this. However my supplements help me to grow my hair even if I'm not eating all my fruits and veggies.

6. Still Using My Wigs.

To maintain my length, I fully plan on wearing wigs to give my hair a break from being out.

It is TRULY possible to have healthy (and long) hair that is relaxed. I've seen many women talk about their routines here and here. For me, my goal isn't so much about length as it is about creating healthy hair without split ends and without thinning it.

In the future, I'll share my daily styling routine so be on the lookout for videos on that!

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Why I'm Tired of the LOA Community...

There is a LOT of inaction in the Law of Attraction movement.


I know I'm going to confuse, offend, and ostracize people because if you know me-you know that I really connect with the Law of Attraction. I've worked as a LOA Coach for years and have promoted it's way of life and meaning.

And there's a part of me that very much still believes in it BUT the COMMUNITY around it-well that's what I'm over.

The reality is, there are a LOT of people who don't want to work. They want to blame everyone for their circumstances, their pain, and their unhappiness. They want someone else to save them from their struggles. Someone else to pay off their debts, rescue them from their loneliness, and solve all of their problems.

They don't want to do the work to change their circumstances. These are the same people, who if given the opportunity to actually change their lives around - they wouldn't. They would rather stay with the same limiting beliefs and repeat the same victim story so they don't have to actually make a change.

I often find these types of people within the LOA community. Masking around like balls of "light" when in reality, they are seeking validation for their darkness. They want someone to say, "omg. I'm so sorry" - but they don't want healing.

Now, this is NOT everyone. There are a LOT of people within the LOA community, who are TRULY seeking transformation. These are the people that do their inner work frequently. They don't just read the books - they EMBODY the knowledge given to them. They hire the coaches to transform their mindset. They leave their toxic jobs to find greener pastures or they create paradise in the MIDST of their turmoil. They cry and scream about injustices and then they actually get up and DO something - whether it's about them, their family, or their society. They understand that the BIGGEST part of getting what you want (which is what we are ALL trying to do!) is actually GETTING UP AND DOING THE WORK TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

Listen, if you WANT to pay off your debts -GET A JOB THAT PAYS YOU WELL! Create a BUSINESS that gives you the MONEY you NEED to reach your goals.


If you want a better love life - GET OUT THERE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU'RE AVAILABLE TO DATE! Stop hiding behind your complaints and actually be VULNERABLE and put yourself out there!


If you're struggling with your social media presence or your salesmanship - HIRE SOMEONE TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR ONLINE SPACES or GET.A.BOOK!! We have access to knowledge LITERALLY at our fingertips - NO MORE EXCUSES.

If this offends you - GOOD! It means you know there's truth to what I'm saying and you're being called to act HIGHER and BETTER than you are.

It's time. It's time to ACTUALLY do the work that it takes to get what you want. Don't keep sitting back and blaming your boss for never promoting you when there are steps you can take (including leaving your job) to get the recognition you deserve.

LOA means WORK. It means TAKING ACTION. Not just sitting and waiting for something or someONE else to rescue you from your problems.

Reiki for Depression


Most people usually turn to their counselor or medical doctor whenever they are struggling with depression or other serious mental health struggles.

Often we are encouraged to immediately rely on medication and seek no other treatment. Medication can be wonderful, but sometimes it can also just mask the real problem.

For many people, medication is a requirement for the body to actually heal but for others, medication only hides the real issues.

I know a lot of people are now turning to holistic and alternative doctors to find relief for their mental health challenges. I know, because that was my story.

I've struggled with Bipolar Disorder II since I was a child. At 19, I was diagnosed and I immediately went on medication for treatment. It took years of experimenting to get "Close" to what would be the best thing for me-but it was really really difficult for me to endure all of the trials and errors.

I struggled with weight gain, horrible & violent dreams, medical issues, and even some of my medications made my symptoms WORSE (which is a common side effect of my many medications).

I wanted to find another healthier way to approach my mental health so I started cleaning up my lifestyle. I went to bed at a decent hour, started working out every day (or at least 3-4 times a week), and started eating cleaner. I lost weight AND felt stronger both mentally and physically.

Then I found Reiki and Reiki has been a MAJOR source of healing for me. It's helped me to relieve the symptoms of my own depression - whenever they threaten to appear.

Research supports that Reiki can help in allievaiting some of the symptoms of mental health disorders, such as depression.

Relevant Research:

  1. Reiki aids in relaxation.Center for Reiki Research According to the Center for Reiki Research, Reiki has been shown to reduce sympathetic autonomic stimulation and produce a significant relaxation response among people who had been diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome, a disorder characterized by exhaustion and emotional issues. It is likely that the same relaxation response would be produced among clients with depression.
  2. Reiki reduces the symptoms of depression.Alternate Therapies in Health and Medicine In addition, according to a study published in Alternate Therapies in Health and Medicine, patients who received regular Reiki treatments demonstrated a significant reduction in the symptoms of psychological distress and depression. The symptom reduction experienced by these patients continued for one year after the treatment regimen was complete.

If you're struggling with mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder II - I encourage you to consider booking a Reiki session. This practice does not have to take the PLACE of what you're already doing-rather it can enhance the practices you are currently doing (such as taking your medications, working out, etc.)

Check out this article for more information on how Reiki has helped people with Depression and what research shows us.

Want more? Come in the group for more conversations on how to take care of your mental health & create a life you love.

If you'd like to see how Reiki can help you, book your session with me. <3

Yoga Poses for Anxiety Relief


Most of the people in the United States would say they have anxiety. Due to receivng constant advertisements, social media activity, and living in a society that discourages rest-many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed.

Yoga is perfect for helping to relax you so you can feel connected again. Check out these poses and see how they make you feel!

My favorite pose is the Legs up the wall pose and downward dog. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I do downward dog for a few moments and it helps me feel tremendously less anxious.

Give it a try and then let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

Listen To Your Body...


I've had anxiety since I was a child. It's been part of how I coped with stress, I would become incredibly anxious to manage the rough the moments and even though it wasn't easy or fun-it became a habit to rely on myanxiety to get me through.

My anxiety would kick in the most at bedtime. As a child, I would avoid going to bed because I was scared of the dark and I was scared of sleeping alone. I had a really hard time with that and so I had to figure out ways to soothe myself to sleep. My mom and grandmother would encourage me to sleep with my favorite doll or my favorite blankie and sometimes it worked and others time it didn't.

But one thing that never failed me, was leaning my feet up against the wall.

My family would regularly make fun of me for sleeping "weird" but something about it completely soothed me as a child. So I continued to do it-even until I went to college.

Well, once I became interested in yoga and learning the poses-I learned that my body was doing what was natural to it.

My body KNEW what it needed to relax and because I was a child, I didn't question it. I simply did what my body requested. Often our bodies STILL do that. We crave fruit or veggies. We feel called to leave earlier than expected or to speak up and say something at times we didn't expect, etc.

Our bodies are glorious vessels that often know exactly what we need. Listen to your body.

Well the pose that has helped me to go sleep for over 30 years, is the "Legs Up the Wall" or "Viparita Karani Pose". It's a yoga pose that has been proven to help relax clients who regularly use this pose. It's super simple and no extra tools are required.

Try this pose before heading to bed. Maybe 10-15 minutes before you go to sleep, do this pose while reading or meditating.

Have you ever tried this pose? What does it make you feel? I'd love to know!

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F!$K What People Think!


I don't know about you, but I know I've often been too afraid to be myself or share my real thoughts because I feared what other people thought.

I didn't want to face rejection or judgement by others, so I would hold my real thoughts to myself OR I would completely lie just to be liked (i.e. saying that I want to do something when I really didn't.)

I know I'm not the only one, so don't you judge me. lol

But you know what? I've realized that it doesn't matter what people think or if they judge me (so maybe you can go ahead and do it...*shrug*) because no one is better than another.

Your thoughts aren't more important than mine and mine aren't more important than yours. We're simply human beings. I'm allowed to have my opinions, thoughts, and feelings just like you are.

When you realize that, you realize that it's ok that some people have no clue how you feel and they don't care to understand. It's ok that some people won't like you. Matter of fact, it's a reality that we all have to face.

We won't be liked by everyone.

Think of someone like Beyonce or Jennifer Aniston. These are two amazing women that the majority of Americans-LOVE! As evidenced by how much money they make whenever they host events or movies. But even with ALL of the love they receive, they STILL have people who literally DON'T LIKE THEM! (Can you believe that?! I mean what?!)

There are people who find Beyonce to be untalented (CRAZY right!?)

There are people who think Jennifer is boring! (WWHHHAT?!)

There are people who think they are snobs, entitled, ungrateful, and unattractive even! WHICH IS LITERALLY SACRELIGOUS! LOL

But it happens! If even THEY can't please EVERYONE then take the pressure off yourself-you can't either.

"Ok, I know that people won't always like me - but how do I deal with the fear of losing the people I care most about? Like, what if I say something and my father stops loving me cause he doesn't agree with my truth?"

Ok, I completely understand that fear. I've personally experienced that myself. I've had parents turn their back on me once I stood up for myself and declared that I wouldn't tolerate being insulted or controlled. I had a parent stop talking to me for years when I finally stood up for myself in my THIRTIES! Yes, it took me 30 years before I finally told my parent that I was no longer going to allow them to say certain things or just do "whatever" they wanted to me simply cause they were a parent.

And that was hard. Losing a relationship with a parent, or anyone you feel closest too, hurts a LOT. It's like experiencing a death too soon. However, when I look back, I realize that my entire life became better once I FULLY embraced my OWN boundaries.

I was feeling stifled and that poured into my job, my friendships, and even my mental health. My self esteem suffered when I was in relationship with this parent because I was constantly ignoring my own opinions so I could please the parent (which often times, they weren't really pleased with me anyway!). So instead, I walked around feeling unloved, denied of my personal rights, unsafe around this person, and emotionally unstable for fear of doing something "wrong". This is unhealthy.

The best thing for me, was for that parent to end their relationship with me because it was at that moment that I was finally free to do whatever it is that I wanted to do. And so I did just that!

I moved. I went into counseling to deal with the loss. I hired a coach to teach me how to own my own business, which led to an increase in confidence. My confidence increasing led to me starting my own business, which led to me being able to pay off many of my debts. I fell in LOVE! I finally had the freedom to explore my spirituality and found the Law of Attraction. I reconnected with family members I had lost touch with as a result of being in relationship with my parent.

My worst fear coming true, led to the best years of my life.

So losing that relationship, doesn't always mean that your life is going to end. Sometimes, most times actually, it means that your life is going to finally begin!

Listen, your life is meant to be LIVED! Not controlled by those around you-even if they are family. Your worst fear may be your biggest blessing-allow it to come true. It will hurt, it will feel confusing and lonely. You will cry. But you'll also feel happy and grateful that you finally have the life you've always wanted. You'll finally have the FREEDOM you've craved. <3 Enjoy it.

For more ways to manage the energy of rejection, fear, judgment, and sadness that can come with caring so much about what other people think.... I encourage you to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help release this emotion.



You're also welcome to book a session with me. Whether you want your energy healing and coaching online, at my office, or in your home-I have tons of options available and I'd love to help. <3

Getting To Know Me...


My blog gives you a chance to get to know me in another way! I often create videos over on my Facebook and Instagram pages, which REALLY let you get a feel of who I am. However, I still love to write.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I even thought, in college, that I was going to become a writer at one point. That lasted for all of one journalism class before I realized that I didn't want to be controlled or told what to do when it came to my writing. It's way too personal for me. <3

That taught me a lot about doing what felt right for me. I've had a journal since I was 5 years old and I even started writing stories for my family when I was around 8 or 9 but when I got to college and I took that course, I knew that even though I was good at it-it wasn't my purpose.

I learned a lot in that class and a lot of it was about being true to myself so I want to encourage YOU to do the same.

Choose to be true to who you are. Do whatever feels like it's the best thing for you because that is how you're going to find your joy. <3

See you in the next post!