Feel the Rain On Your Skin....The Hills Returns!

As an AVID fan of #TheHills, I wasn’t too sure if I was thrilled to see it come back.

I mean, can you REALLY re create the magic that is Lauren and Heidi?

Are we REALLY here for Justin Bobby?

And now with the addition of Mischa Barton - can she really be apart of the magic?


Is this just going to ruin - the already very odd - but still worth watching legacy of The Hills?

I don’t know. But, when I was standing at Walgreens, I saw this and IMMEDIATELY squealed with delight! Which tells me, that deep DEEP down, I want this to happen. I’m excited to catch up with Heidi and even Spencer (not really but whatever) because I at least want to see if they’ve matured. I’d love to see how they are as parents. Has Spencer become “wise” or is it still the same narcisstic villain we know him to be?

And what about Audrina? She’s done a lot since leaving the show, but nothing that we’ve all kept up with. She’s been on Dancing with the Stars and she’s even had her own reality TV show (that bombed) but she still had it! lol

She DOES have a daughter now though, so I’m very curious to see how she is as a mom as well.

And then I’m REALLY happy that Whitney is back too! She’s also a mom and I’ve kept up with her on Instagram. She’s been very “wholeshome” in that she’s always talking about healthy eating and just living a really happy lifestyle. Very Whitney. I feel like out of everyone, she’s probably going to be the one who has changed the “least” on the show. She seems like she’s still happy, doing well, and making money. lol

With that all being said, I’m definitely curious about the show and who will make an appearance. I’d love to know if Lauren EVER does a “surprise” cameo. And I also want to know if they are gonna make it “real” or “scripted” - like we ALL know it really was. lol

And with all the girls being moms (except for Misha), I’m definitely interested to know how Mischa fits in since she doesn’t have children AND the girls have a history - while she does not. (Although, I find it funny that she’s part of the show since the show is BASED off of the TV show “The O.C.” which I ALSO loved.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to tune in? Do you think Misha is a great fit or are you concerned about her presence on the show?

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts below!

Also, just to note. Here are the other cast members set to return:

  • Stephanie Pratt (I have mixed feelings about her, but I’m curious to see what her life has been like since she’s moved to London and supposedly became sober and a “good person”)

  • Justin Bobby (ew, he just always looked dirty to me. It didn’t help that he was a jerk to Audrina, so I’m a tiny bit curious to see if he’s changed his ways or if he’s still trying to be the whole “Bad boy” thing. However, i don’t REALLY care about him either way)

  • Brody Jenner (which I’m kinda excited to catch up with him!)

The show doesn’t have a release date YET - but it’s set to come back sometime this year (2019).

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My Favorite Looks from the SAG Awards (& how to recreate the them!)

I love love LOVE Awards Season!

When I was a kid - I thought I was going to be an actress! I love the arts and I love escaping into a whole new world and personality. Acting is still one of my favorite things to experience in life and so you can often find me memorizing monologues and/or watching some of my favorite Indie movies.

Well last night, the SAG awards were on and this is one of my favorites. Because this particular show is all about the ACTORS actually choosing which movies they loved from the previous year. So it’s pretty awesome because it’s about the ACTOR and not an association choosing what was the best.

There were a few VERY amazing moments (ahem - Black Panther winning for Best Cast Ensemble)! But let’s talk about some of the most amazing LOOKS from last night’s show and how you can get them!


Lady Gaga

I’ve been on a sort of Lady Gagy kick lately. I wasn’t the hugest fan of hers over the last few years but I recently watched 5 foot 2 and I absolutely loved it. At the SAG awards - I loved this look! A cute sleek back look! To get the slick back look, I definitely recommend the Stylized System to achieve this look. After washing with the Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, use the Taffy and Hairspray to slick the hair back and keep it in place.


Lupita N’yongo

Hands down, one of my favorite looks of the night! I love that she wore Box Braids to an Awards Gala! A bold move that I feel was awesome to make! To get the shine - I recommend Rejuvnique Oil because the only thing that would mess this up is a flaky scalp and dry braids. This will help to maintain moisture, shine, and a gorgeous finish!


Danai Gurira

Another favorite was Danai! The mini fro was so gorgeous and classy and I loved it! I felt like she really brought the heat with this feminine look. To achieve this look, I recommend the Hydration System - topped off with Rejuvenique for shine and moisture.


Margot Robbie

Margot KNOWS she was killing the red carpet and I’m here for it! Her dress and her hair was stunning. For this effortless look, I recommend our Effortless system for bouncy but light waves!


John Krasinski

A clear winner of the night - was John. Not only was his wonderful wife so grateful to him for how much she supports her (and she won an award for a role that he created for her) but also…he looks so handsome! I recommend our Black system to recreate this amazing look. (And our Beard Oil for added shine and hydration!)

What were YOUR favorite looks of the night? Let me know below! I’m super excited for the next award show - which will be the Grammy’s on Sunday February 10th. Check your local TV stations to know where it’ll be aired near you!